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9RU Rack & 9RU Data Cabinet Premium Range

Dataworld offers top of the line 19” 9RU rack and 9RU data cabinet range that features superior construction to meet the needs of any wall mount installation. When you need high strength 9 ru rack that is easy is to install, manufactured using highest quality steal and finished in a black electrostatic powder coat – Dataworld has the right product. Our 9ru cabinet range is ideal to house electronic equipment for any type of application, both commercial and residential, where a floor standing cabinet is not practical. Applications include Communications equipment, Audio Video equipment, Security systems, CCTV equipment, IT equipment, Industrial systems and Computer equipment.  9RU rack range is available in 2 versions - 9RU 450mm Wall Mount Cabinet and 9RU 550mm Wall Mount Cabinet with Swing Frame.
Key Features include: 19” 9u rack engineered for security, strength and simple installation, includes toughened glass front door and side panels, vents on each side and front for heat dissipation, convenient pre-punched holes for cable entry, all 9 u rack models includes cage nuts and bolts, 9u data cabinet is shipped pre-assembled.

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  1. wc9-450

    9RU 450mm Deep Wall Mount Rack Cabinet More Info »

    • Product code: wc9-450
    • Dimensions: 500.00(h) x 600.00(w) x 450.00(d)
    • Weight: 33000 gms
    • Shipping: + DELIVERY FEE
    • NOTE: OUT OF STOCK - Available for Backorder Only!
    ETA: 25/09/2019
  2. wc9-550

    9RU 550mm Deep Wall Mount Rack Cabinet + Swing Frame More Info »

    • Product code: wc9-550
    • Dimensions: 500.00(h) x 600.00(w) x 550.00(d)
    • Weight: 33000 gms
    • Shipping: + DELIVERY FEE
    Qty In Stock: 3

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